Saturday, July 12, 2014

Summer so far

We are in the throws of summer.


The soil-grown tomatoes are coming in and you know it's summer.
Heat lightening and real, live crashing storms, fishing at 5am, lazy dog-days that only cool ever so slightly when night comes.
Farmer's market, shorts and flip-flops, swimming and out-of-town visitors.
Boredom-induced fun and fights.
Late nights with the fireflies.
Dog shedding like crazy and the cat doesn't know to stay out with the heat and humidity, or stay in with the almost-too-frigid air-conditioning.
Rainbows and baseball.


It's summer. It's nearly halfway over. Or we have half of it left. Depends if you're a half-full, half-empty kind of gal. I sway between the two, some days thinking these warm days and nights could last forever, sometimes angsting over buying school supplies.

We've had some fun trips so far, little day-, or couple of day-trips.

Lambert's cafe. A first for our family.

Summer has been relaxing, refreshing and just plain fun!

Summer, I like you more than I usually do.
Rainbow at our last ball game.

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