Monday, September 8, 2014

A little about running

This weekend consisted of running. Lots of running.

Sprite ran her first cross country meet. It was a learning experience and I think she'll be more mentally prepared for the next race. Adam says running a race is half training, half mental stamina. There just has to something in you that says, "I will not quit". I don't have a shot of her from the race, at least not one I have permission to post. Hopefully for the next meet.

Puck had his first soccer game. It was fun to see him enjoying the sport again this year.

 (That's him with the bright green stripe down his leg. He tried goalie for the first time.)

Adam and Sprite did some cross country training on hills Sunday. Hmm...a 40+ year old body just doesn't bounce back the way it used to! But Sprite was also tuckered out, so maybe they just really ran hard!

Next weekend continues with more soccer, including the start of our school's Lion's Cup, which Sprite will play in. The boys will both have games, too.

I did not run, however, and I feel perfectly ok about that! I do have plans to run later this week, though, so I won't be left out for long.

How was your weekend?

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