Saturday, September 6, 2014

How we labored on Labor Day and some more stuff

Whew, this has been a week! It was only 4 days, but they were long ones. I know the bullet point post isn't for everyone, but since I've been up since 4 am on a Saturday morning, that's what's that.

  • I just saw my oldest baby out the door to her first cross country meet. That girl can run. I can't wait to see what she does.
  • 4 am you ask? I sat up straight awake at 4-dratted-o'clock realizing that while I had washed Sprite's cross country uniform last night, I forgot to put it in the dryer. A departure time of 6 am meant taht dryer had better get cracking. And since there was no way I was going to fall back asleep after that, I thought I'd be productive and get some emails done in the quiet of the morning. 
  • Labor day brought a should-have-been easy fix to our master bathroom toilet. Famous idea! Five trips to the hardware store later, we had a disaster zone in our bathroom, but at least we also had a working toilet! I always forget home improvement projects take at least twice as long as you think, and typically more trips to the store than you could ever wish. I'm very thankful, though, that we were able to re-install the same toilet and not have to replace the flooring, which is what we originally thought was going to happen after getting it up. 
  • I have now typed the word toilet more times than I ever should again. Hopefully.
  • Curriculum night for both lower and middle school was this week, too. I was really impressed with our kids' teachers. They are a great group of people! And I was also exhausted by the end of the evening, I forgot what a tiring place school can be. No wonder my kids come home wiped out.
  • Soccer has also begun for our kids this week. All three are playing again this year. It makes for a fun, but busy fall. The boys both have friends on their teams, and Sprite is playing for school this year (at least that's one practice I don't need to transport to!). What sports or activities are your kids up to this fall?
  • Well, is it finally cooler where you live? Fall welcomed us like a long lost cousin this morning. The windows are open, the A/C off, and the long sleeves were unearthed from the back of the closet. I am so glad! I was so tired of the sweltering heat and humidity.
Have a great weekend!

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