2013 Book List

The Little Lady Agency series Hester Browne
The Finishing Touches Hester Browne
The Cat Who Knew Shakespeare Lilian Jackson Braun
The Runaway Princess Hester Browne (clearly, I have enjoyed this author--fun, sexy and just plain funny and very clean, you know how I like my clean books!)
Pay It Forward Catherine Ryan Hyde  I haven't seen the movie, but I want to now.  Very good, well written and had me in tears by the end.
Great Expectations  Charles Dickens
Peter Pan J.M.Barrie  Reading this with the kids and we're all really enjoying it!  Very challenging reading so it's a good read-aloud.
Good and Angry: Exchanging Frustration for Character in Your Kids!  Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller
The Shoemaker's Wife  Adriana Trigiana  Finally finished this book after having to turn it back into the library about a year ago!  Very well done.  I was even inspired to listen to opera by Enrico Caruso, but quickly turned it off.  Turns out I'd rather read about it than listen to it.
The Aviator's Wife  Melanie Benjamin  I love this author. I've read her other two novels and they are so well done.  This is about Anne Lindbergh, wife of Charles Lindbergh, a.k.a. Lucky Lindy.
Into the Wild  Jon Krakauer  I've recently come to love Pearl Jam and Eddie Vetter's music,  and Adam and I listened to the soundtrack from this book-made-to-movie on our way home from California.  It made a perfect backdrop for our journey home.  Adam had already read the book and seen the movie and he encouraged me to read the book.  I'll watch the movie with him soon. 
Salt, Sugar, Fat:  How the Food Giants Hooked Us  Michael Moss  Just starting this, am intrigued.
Harry Potter series--yes, again because they are so, so good.
New York: a Novel Edward Rutherford  A fictional yet, thoroughly accurate account of the history of New York City from it's very beginnings to the present.  So far this tome is excellent.
The Meaning of Marriage Timothy Keller  A great book. I've picked this one up off and on.  Not done yet, but will continue to read.

*=currently reading
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